Use Tutorials for Effective Blended Learning

Tutorials: A Key Component of Effective Blended Learning

Apex Learning Tutorials



Enhance initial

Provide targeted
intervention and remediation

Ensure all students rise to the
expectations of the standards

Make Rigorous Content Accessible

Developed specifically for the new standards, Tutorials in math, English language arts, science, and social studies actively engage students in meaningful instruction, practice, review, and assessment to build the required knowledge and skills.

Motivate Students to Learn, Achieve, and Succeed

Tutorials feature an innovative design that incorporates elements of popular games and apps to engage and motivate students.  Designed for use on tablet devices as well as on laptops, desktops, and netbooks, Tutorials enhance instruction for every student in every classroom.

Personalize Learning for Every Student

The diagnostic-prescriptive approach of Tutorials personalizes learning for every student.

  • Multiple entry points allow each student to choose a learning path best suited to his or her individual needs.
  • Self-paced instruction enable students to learn at their own speed.
  • Purposeful use of interactive media actively motivates student to learn while addressing a variety of learning styles.

We are really enjoying using Tutorials. Several teachers are using to Tutorials to offer remediation and to supplement the content that has already been taught in their classes.

Keshia Seitz
Technology Specialist
MSD of Mount Vernon

Introducing Apex Learning Middle School Curriculum

In addition to Foundations courses, the Apex Learning catalog is expanding to include Middle School Tutorials for grades 6-8. Middle School Tutorials provide grade-level instruction in math and English language arts for reading, writing, and language. Designed for use on tablet devices as well as laptops, desktops, and netbooks, Middle School Tutorials are used to deliver standards-based instruction, provide intervention and remediation, and prepare students for success on high-stakes assessments.

Middle School Curriculum


*Apex Learning Tutorials are accessed over the internet from desktop and laptop computers, netbooks, tablets and other mobile devices with a web browser.