Personalize Instruction for Students with Tutorials

Success for Every Student

Tutorials offer each student a personalized learning experience. Whether students are struggling, on grade level, or ready for acceleration, Tutorials meet each student's individual needs.

Student-Centered Active Learning

Moving at their own pace, students actively engage in meaningful ways with rigorous instructional content. Purposeful use of text, audio, video, and interactive media in the Learn It, Try It, Review It and Test It, motivates students to learn while addressing varied learning styles and individual preferences.

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Focused Instruction

Within a Tutorial, multiple content modules are grouped into logical units. Each content module focuses on a specific set of learning objectives aligned to the standards. Self-paced, students choose the path best suited to his or her individual needs.



Prescriptive Approach

  • Unit pretest identifies student understanding and provides actionable feedback
  • 'Test It' assesses student content knowledge
  • Posttests assesses mastery against the standards