Learning Management System

Powerful Reporting Capabilities and Instructional Management

The easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) centralizes classroom management within a simple interface and provides administrators and teachers with the right data at the right time. The result is more time spent on helping students succeed.


Robust Reporting

A robust reporting system provides data in context. Educators can easily identify instructional needs and monitor achievement for a school, class, or an individual student.

  • Teachers can track student and class performance on diagnostic assessments, monitor progress, check deadlines and post grades.


  • Administrators can collect district and school level data highlighting student enrollment and participation, quality of work, and performance effectiveness.



Powerful visuals and alerts provide educators the information they need to monitor student progress with ease.


Online Grade Book

Powerful tools for teachers and mentors help direct, monitor, and improve student outcomes. Teachers have the ability to add scores for additional activities, override a score, and reset a computer-scored activity.


Extensive Instructional Management

Mastery-Based Learning

Students learn, process,
and interact with instructional
material at the level
determined by the teacher.


Integrated Assessments

Teachers can customize assessment settings for test out options, passing threshold, grade weights, and more.


Communication Tools

Online discussion boards support collaborative assignments and discussions, while the message center facilitates student-teacher communication.