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Active Learning to Develop Critical Thinking

Active learning experiences embedded in direct instruction, offer opportunities for students to observe, inquire, create, connect, and confirm. This student-centered approach empowers students to participate in and construct their own learning. 

Rigorous Content Accessible to All Students

Embedded scaffolds and supports make rigorous content accessible so all students can succeed – regardless of their level of academic readiness. To address students’ individual learning preferences and needs, Courses:

  • Provide relevant points of access and real world examples.  
  • Break down complex material with guiding questions.
  • Teach academic vocabulary unique to each content area.
  • Provide literacy supports for struggling readers.

Powerful Tools Enhance Learning

General Studies, Foundations, and Advanced Placement* - instruction is delivered at your students’ level of academic readiness.


Integrated Assessment
Assessments, seamlessly integrated throughout courses, test for mastery, and provide actionable feedback for educators and students.


Monitor and Measure Success
Access to real-time, meaningful, and actionable data that enables educators to measure progress and monitor student engagement.

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