Common Core Curriculum

Common Core

New Content Specifically for the Common Core State Standards

The new rigorous, standards-based digital curriculum features robust and relevant real-world content, through which students develop the higher-order thinking skills necessary to demonstrate their knowledge and prepare them for college and career success. Apex Learning digital curriculum helps students meet educational standards, while providing teachers with the tools to personalize learning for every student.

  • Active Learning                 
  • Student-Centered                 
  • Accessible Content


Common Core Comprehensive Courses

Developed for the Common Core State Standards, each Apex Learning course is a complete course of study with breadth of standards coverage, depth of instruction, and integrated formative and summative assessment. Used for original credit and credit recovery, courses engage students in active learning to develop critical thinking skills and prepare them for college and work.


Common Core Tutorials

Enhance and complement classroom instruction, provide targeted intervention and remediation, or ensure every student is meeting the expectations of the standards. Apex Learning Tutorials enable teachers to meet the diverse learning needs of their students.


Meet a Range of Classroom Needs

Quality curriculum and customizable implementations enable teachers to be more effective in meeting a wide range of student needs through original credit, credit recovery, targeted remediation and intervention, and other academic programs. 

Districts and schools across the nation have increased student achievement using Apex Learning digital curriculum in a variety of blended and virtual programs.



Common Core Expertise

Apex Learning professional development is designed to provide school districts vital assistance in implementing the Common Core State Standards in successful blended learning and virtual programs. Highly experienced and qualified education consultants deliver professional development and continuous one-on-one support for school staff, teachers, and district administrators as they transition to the new standards.