Benefits of Using Tutorials In The Classroom

Tutorials in the Classroom

Tutorials are not just about creating an excellent learning experience for students. 

They are a powerful instructional tool for teachers.

Enhance Classroom Instruction with Blended Learning

Use Tutorials as part of your everyday instruction to easily differentiate instruction — introduce a new concept, assess student understanding, or provide opportunities for practice and review. 


Support Struggling Students

Identify learning gaps and provided targeted instruction designed to engage students in active learning. Integrated assessments and personalized learning paths provide the instruction each student needs to catch up.


Prepare for High Stakes Exams

Pretests identify, by standard, where your students need instruction, practice and review. Offer focused instruction based on each student's area of need.



Accelerate Learning

Offer students who are ready the opportunity to complete more challenging content. Students can move through instruction at their pace, getting the instruction they need, when they need it.

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