Why Apex Learning Digital Curriculum

Impact Student Outcomes

Apex Learning provides educators with digital curriculum to meet the needs of every student.  With two unique and complementary solutions, Comprehensive Courses and Tutorials, Apex Learning digital curriculum enables educators to leverage real-time data to effectively individualize learning, while empowering students to take an active role in their learning. The result is increased student outcomes.


Comprehensive Courses, Tutorials, and real-time data for increases academic outcomes.

Student-Centered Digital Curriculum

Students come to school with different levels of academic readiness and instructional needs. Whether the goal is to provide courses for original credit or credit recovery, or offer targeted intervention and remediation, Apex Learning digital curriculum ensures students are meeting the expectations of the standards.

Make Rigorous Content Accessible

Opt-in scaffolds and support integrated into the digital curriculum provide continual guidance and immediate feedback to support students at their level of academic readiness.

Engage Students in Active Learning

Students learn by doing utilizing video, audio, text, virtual labs, and other digital resources. They explore, apply, practice and extend their learning through real-world examples.

Personalize Learning

Instruction is delivered according to individual needs, abilities, and learning preferences. Our student-centered instructional approach empowers students to take control of their learning.

Meaningful Data

Apex Learning data equips administrators, teachers, and students with the tools they need to monitor progress and performance data in real-time to make data-informed decision. 

  • Administrators gain visibility into student achievement and program effectiveness.
  • Teachers easily access the data they need to effectively individualize instruction.
  • Students track their progress along their individualized learning path.